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Hey! I’m Allie

It’s so nice to meet you!

Hey Allie was born by what one would call a happy accident. While at my corporate job in commercial real estate, I was dreaming up a way to jump back into my creative outlet. Naturally I was searching available domain names that could have a zippy little ring to them. Hey Allie was available and the rest is history!

I started my first thrift shop fashion blog “Three Dollar Fashion” at my dinner table at age 14. I wanted to combine my love of writing and thrifting (which was NOT trendy when I was in highschool.) So my dad set me up with my first WordPress blog.

My style is without a doubt “Minnie Mouse goes to a decades themed NYE party.” AKA I love polka dots, color, sparkle, and unique vintage pieces!

In my free time I am either thrifting or creating something. Making atomic pom earrings, drawing, painting, sewing, or even photographing weddings!