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Baby’s First Podcast

Baby’s First Podcast

My interview on the Sustainable Style Podcast

The Foreward

I sat in my bedroom in my Justin Timberlake T-shirt and no makeup eagerly anticipating the start of out interview. I was so nervous. Of course when you’re in the moment, you want to make sure you said all the right things and above all, you hope listeners take something valuable away from it.

Lauren and Kaitlin are incredible interviewers and have done so much research in sustainable fashion, ethical practices, and overall being better stewards of the planet. I had so much fun interviewing with them!

Fun fact: I haven’t listened to the interview all the way through…

The Epilogue

If you listened all the way through, THANK YOU. Also, you may have noticed that in the interview, I mentioned the songs we listen to behind the scenes of our photoshoots. If you’re interested, I have something special for you…