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One Month Thrifted

One Month Thrifted

I haven’t purchased retail in ONE MONTH and this me checking in on the process.

Now, let me be clear…I’m not one to stick to things. Diets and workout plans included. I even tried to start making my bed every morning and that lasted about 45 seconds. I am admittedly less than disciplined but a work in progress. SO. As much as I love that this has now become a habit in my life, I have needed to make some lifestyle changes and the hardest part is yet to come my way. 

Here’s some things I’ve done to make the change a little easier:

  1. The power of the “I could thrift that” mindset. One of my favorite things is to jump on Pinterest or the Vogue runway app and save outfits that I know I could thrift. The cool thing about what’s “on trend” right now (que puff sleeves and mixed patterns) is it can ALL be thrifted. When you see a piece I like, the first thing I do is jump on poshmark or thredup to see if I can find something like it. If not, it goes on my thrift wishlist that I keep in the notes on my phone. This mindset has become a bit of a healthy little challenge for myself.
  2. Avoid swiping up to shop. I KNOW this is like the blogger livelihood but this is how I got myself in big trouble. So I am avoiding it like the plague. 
  3. Delete the Nordstrom App. Out of sight out of mind. Instead of jumping on the Nordstrom app, I jump on ThredUp or Poshmark and scroll for the deals. 
  4. Avoid the abyss that is the Target clearance section. Need I say more?
  5. Surround yourself with supporters. I have been absolutely blessed beyond measure to have friends that are completely supporting (and evening joining in!) on my decision to only shop secondhand. What better Friday night plans than thrifting with fellow trash panda. 

Interested in learning more about why I decided to go strictly secondhand?