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The Ring

Creating our custom, ethical, and sustainable engagement ring

Going Custom & Staying Ethical

We went somewhat nontraditional with our ring process in that instead of having Jake pick out the ring himself, we decided to design the perfect custom ring together. I can honestly say, this was the best way to go for us and in no way “ruined” a surprise when he popped the question. I was able to design the ring that I will wear forever. We thought about how this ring could end up being a family heirloom which made the process so much more special. At the end of the day, I have to stare at this piece of jewelry everyday for a lifetime and I’ve never been one for tradition anyway…

Our Jeweler

When choosing a jeweler it was really important that we keep our values in mind. We wanted to support a small local business. We wanted an ethically sourced stone, and we wanted something totally unique and special. We chose Soha Diamond Co, a local Madison, WI based jeweler to design our ring. Soha specializes in lab grown and moissanite rings and every ring is made to order. Aubrey and Soha made us feel like their only clients and made sure every single one of our questions were answered. They educated us on the entire process and we were absolutely thrilled from start to finish. We never felt like we were being “sold” on a bigger or more expensive ring. They even have a sweet pup named Honey who comforted Jake through the process.

The Process

I found Soha Diamond Co. on instagram and instantly knew they were the perfect fit for us. Our first appointment with them was in March of 2020. Here we talked through some of our ideas, some things Jake wanted to keep a surprise, and really get to know their company and how it would all shake out. They first sized my finger, and I was able to try on some different styles to see which one I liked best on my hand. They even have a 3D simulation software on a TV to design a ring in front of you.

After our appointment, it was time to nail down the rendering. We went back and forth a few times to get it just right. After nailing down the rendering, we received a wax mold of the ring so I could see what it would look like on and make any adjustments. We then went in for a second appointment to try on the ring with potential wedding bands and made some adjustments to the basket to ensure a wedding band could fit nicely under it. From there, I was completely in the dark. Jake made the final decision on the center stone and the hidden stone in the basket. Then he picked up the finished ring about a week before he proposed!

The Sustainability

Diamond mining is a horrific process. It is nearly impossible to track exactly where it comes from and the process is riddled with child labor, terrible working conditions, and unfair wages. This was the main reason why I chose to go with a lab grown diamond. The center stone is a 1.2 ct oval lab grown diamond from Diamond Foundry which is the world’s only zero-carbon-footprint producer of lab-grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are the exact chemical compound as a mined diamond, just created in a lab. Yay science! Soha also used 100% recycled platinum to create our ring which means a tiny conscious choice for our planet.

The Details

Jake LOVES surprises. The proposal was the ultimate example. Read our whole story here. That being said, he wanted to have a say in the design of the ring because I pretty much knew what it would look like. I knew there would be a hidden stone in the basket of the ring. I always thought it would be pink (my favorite color) or purple (his birthstone). But I was touched to find out that he’d chosen an aquamarine as the hidden stone as it has so many properties that bring peace and healing. But also because I always say he is the water to my fire. He also had “My Queen” engraved on the inside of the band. I was so completely touched by his attention to every singe detail.