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A letter to you…

Dear You,

I know you’re struggling to find what is “authentically you.” You’re probably feeling lost. Maybe you’re feeling like there’s no way you could ever stand out in this overwhelming crowd of perfection.You could be feeling like you don’t know what you’re called to do. I know you’re feeling like you can’t figure out who you really are through all the noise. I know you don’t know what your next steps should be. You find yourself reading quotes on Pinterest like “Just be yourself.” But you’re like…ok but how though?!  

I also know you’re not alone. Because…ME TOO.

This season has brought on a lot of trials, questions, tears, and triumph. I’ve had to unpack and refocus to figure out who I really am at my core and what makes me happy. Am I ready to write down an elevator pitch of who I am? Nah…not yet. But I can tell you I’m working through it and finding my way through the noise.

First, I wanted to get down to the basics and build a foundation. This is not a quick process. Nor is it an easy or sparkly process. But these are the things that have helped ground me in what makes me who I am.

People: You are a product of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Who makes you feel creative, loved, and important? Who fills your cup? When you leave a conversation, do you feel drained or did they breathe light into you? Who supports you no matter what season you’re in? Who understands your greatness and pushes you to be your greatest self? Make a list of those people. That is your support squad. Mom, Jake, Corissa, Masy, Anna, Marissa. I love you.

Places: Think of a safe place. This could be a place you’ve traveled to, a place that comes to you in your dreams, or a place you’ve never been before. Where do you feel at peace? That is your safe space. When you’re feeling lost, take your mind back there to rest. You owe yourself rest. My safe place? The guest bedroom in my grandparents house. It’s a cloud bed with a beautiful linen smell.

Things: I don’t mean material things. Make a list of things that make you happiest. I don’t are what it is. The smell of rain, a show on netflix, someone’s laugh, or your favorite colors. Make a list. There is a reason these things make you happy. I keep lists on my phone and in a physical moleskin journal that I carry with me. I also collect things that make me happy on Pinterest and instagram archives to keep me inspired. It sounds silly but I will scroll through those things as reminder of the lens at which I see the world. You will start to see a pattern. This is not an accident.

Keep pushing through this journey of being authentically you because the world needs you. But most importantly remember you’re not alone.