Tornado Allie

Tornado runs through intersections

And tip toes through 3 a.m.

Through his bedroom and down the street

Until she makes her way


At dawn

When blue sneaks through the blinds

She won’t remember

Until the sun rises

And blue still sleeps on her skin

Breathe, Beautiful chaos


Too Much

This is for the ones whose spirits who are too much for the containers that hold them. For the ones who shatter glass with their laughs and erupt to stay breathing. The ones who once couldn’t remember what their own voices felt like vibrating through their chests. This one is for you. For the ones

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My Battle Cry

My mom has held political office since I was 10 years old. I grew up in a house where my voice always mattered. In fact, my mom would always say “Speak UP, Allie! You have to speak up!” Let me tell you, I hated it when she said that. Now that I am older, I

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